landfill gas to energy facility


Location:  Florida

GEC's role:   Financial advisor, debt

led lighting finance program

600 Locations

Sector:  LED Lighting

Location:  United States

GEC's role:  Advisor and program administrator.

180 MW Wind farm


Sector:  Wind

Location:  Colorado

GEC's role:  Sell-side and buy-side advisor, M&A, Wind developer ​

recent transactions

energy efficiency finance prog.

Trade Association

Sector:  Energy Efficiency

Location:  United States

GEC's role:  Advisor and program administrator

20 MW Wind farm


Sector:  Wind

Location:  Illinois

GEC's role:  Sell-side advisor, Project rights, Wind developer ​

4 MW rooftop solar portfolio


Sector:  Solar

Location:  Hawaii

GEC's role:  Sell-side advisor, M&A, Solar developer 


Moving clean energy from vision to reality

Lighting retrofit portfolio


Sector:  LED Lighting

Location:  Texas

GEC's role:  Sell-side advisor, Portfolio sale, Energy Fund 

6.5 MW rooftop solarportfolio


Sector:  Solar

Location:  Ontario, Cananda

GEC's role:  Sell-side advisor, M&A, Solar developer