GreenEnergy Capital, LLC


Moving clean energy from vision to reality

Green Energy Capital(GEC) is an independent investment banking firm providing financial and strategic advise to underserved companies solely within the renewable energy and clean tech sectors.  Our activities include transaction, capital formation and strategic advisory services.  Our approach to client service is the integration of in-depth sector knowledge, creative strategic thinking and high-quality execution.

GEC was formed as a Joint Venture between Jeff Battiston and Doug Welch  to take advantage of their combined expertise and resources in Renewable Energy Finance.  Together they have decades of experience in assessing and closing limited and non-recourse project financings.  As such, the firm structures project equity and debt financing to move clean energy power from vision to reality.

GEC's partners have a deep understanding of both the regulated and de-regulated energy markets.  GEC's primary focus is in the renewable and alternative energy sector, encompassing the community-scale, medium-sized distributed and large utility-scale market segments, and employing a wide range of technologies, including:







-Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

-Landfill Gas

-Energy Efficiency

Within this niche, GEC helps both investors and developers close financing for projects across the Globe.  GEC works with their energy sector and investor clients to determine the most appropriate structures to assign risk and maximize returns.  We may use equipment lease financing, sale-lease-back arrangements, flip structures, receivables purchase, syndication and other financial products as appropriate.  Our access to the institutional investment and private investment communities provides a wide range of financing options for project sponsors.

For energy projects requiring debt only financing, such as federal and municipal energy efficiency projects, the GEC team has developed significant skill at raising debt in these times of challenging financial markets.

For renewable projects that require both debt and equity, the GEC team can serve as the single arranger and financial adviser for both forms of financing.  Our investment banking experience helps determine the optimum financial structure to

maximize the value of the negotiated Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) as well as the Fuel Supply Agreement (FSA).